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Investment Comparison for Renewable Energy

In the first step you can make changes to the default settings to allow the most individual possible calculation.

Alternatively, you can click directly on Next and see the calculation tool.

The suitable size of the heat pump is already selected. The calculation tool allows you to adjust the amount of PV and the battery size – you see live how economy, self-consumption and level of self-sufficiency change.

You can also enter different future scenarios such as rising electricity prices or interest rates.

The goal of 2Degrees is to support your decision for renewable energy:

In our login area you can save all your results from the calculation tools.

Compare different systems such as heat pumps, wind turbines and fuel cells with and without PV combination on economy, self-sufficiency and self-consumption.

Smart Combinations.


Add Smart Energy Offers

2Degrees would like to offer you all useful and innovative products and services around decentralized energy.

In the next steps, you can add smart metering solutions, innovative energy tariffs and financing to your selection ( upon request ).


Woran musst Du denken bei der Anschaffung Deiner dezentralen Energieanlage?

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