Energy Trends & Markets Today & Tomorrow: 2Degrees Founder on Major Energy Developments

Energy Trends & Renewable Energy Targets

EIT Climate KIC is the innovation hub for renewable energy and climate solutions.

It was a pleasure for us to present at Climate KIC’s Zurich hub ( ) what we see as the major trends transforming the energy markets while addressing the inherent Changes, Challenges & Chances:

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Decentralization
  3. Digitalization

What are current solutions and where is the focus for Consumers, TSO/DSOs, as well as Sales and Trading entities and how do they impact the value-chain?

At the core of the present change is the massive upbuilt of renewable energy as laid out recently by BNEF’s CEO John Moore in a recent speech ( see: )

The changes to the fuel stack include a doubling of total installed capacity with a clear focus on wind and photovoltaic generation. We picked up on the presented challenge: how to deal with this large volume of fluctuating energy production, especially since according to law-makers’ targets we are still a far cry from where we would actually like to be in 2050.

Smart Grid concepts, Sector-Coupling, Demand Response, Real-time markets and VPPs are all part of the solution both in the high-voltage and the distribution grid when dealing with high degrees of volatility.

Renewable energy, Decentralization & Digitalization

We ended the presentation identifying and attributing key example solutions to key players.

Follow-up discussions with the present startups and coaches were highly enjoyable and proved the quality approach Climate KIC is following. We keep looking forward to staying in touch with the teams to learn more about their promising ideas.

A big thank you to the organization around Florian Gander ( , ) , Luise Heidenreich and the entire Climate KIC team.

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