“Carbon emissions continue to rise, signalling the need for a comprehensive set of actions to achieve a decisive break from the past.”

The annual BP Energy Outlook is among the most read publications in the energy sector and is downloadable for free under https://www.bp.com/en/global/corporate/energy-economics/energy-outlook.html

While this year’s report states renewable energies are to thrive and show the fastest growth rate of any energy technology, due to an increase of overall energy consumption their share will not grow to more than a 25%-share of the global energy need by 2040.

Electric mobility is seen as increasing to a share of 30% of kilometers travelled in the same timeframe.

Thus the above quote can only be a wakeup call, with the numbers in the report indicating all national energy transition plans as well as the Paris Climate accord to fail miserably.

Are we sure we want to stick to coal, diesel cars/combustion engines, no alternative to gas in the heating sector, invest in solar only for financial returns, and protest against any single wind turbine we think to close to our comfort?

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