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Decentralized Energy.

Sustainable Technology. Clear Indicators. Transparent Processes.

Configure individually. Compare Self-sufficiency, Self-consumption & Economics. Combine smartly.

Our calculation tools support you in choosing a suitable energy system for your home.

2Degrees.Energy Dcentralized Energy produce, stores, optimize

Individual energy concepts including funding, financing & smart energy innovations

2Degrees.Energy Renewable & Decentralized Energy Systems: Design, Compare, Invest

Your perfect combination of PV, storage, heat pump, fuel cell & small wind power

All renewable Energy for your home - PV, Small Wind, CHP, Heatpumps, Smart Energy

Generate, storage and optimize your energy:

One platform for all energy needs

Decentralized Energy Consulting

Energy Transition = Chance & Challenge 

Ask us your questions about your future energy system: we advise free of charge and without obligation to help you find the perfect energy solution – no matter if PV, small wind, heat pump, fuel cell or smart energy.

Just select a 15-minute appointment and tell us how we can reach you.

Self-sufficiency calculator & tools.

Take just a a few easy steps to find your ideal energy solution – fair, personally tailored to you, transparent and independent of conventional energy providers.

Individually calculate the optimal energy solution for a building – consisting of PV system, small wind turbine, heat pump, CHP and fuel cell in combination with storage.

PV Set

The easiest way to generate electricity for the home:
With a photovoltaic system on the roof you produce green electricity, which is directly consumed locally or flows into the grid at a feed-in tariff.
Your self-consumption increases with a storage unit, which also increases your independence from an electricity supplier, i.e. your self-sufficiency.

Small Wind

Wind power is a perfect combination for photovoltaics:
The power generation from small wind power (<50m altitude & max 100kW installed capacity) is a fascinating possibility of alternative power generation.
The energy yield increases in third power to the wind speed and is thus highly dependent on the selected location. Our WIND-AREA analysis shows the optimal position.

Heat Pumps

Generate heat from air, soil or water:
That’s exactly what a heat pump can do. One unit of electricl energy (electricity) converts it into several units of thermal energy (heat). The combination with a photovoltaic system (PV) and a storage device can increase your independence from the electricity supplier – and a biogas contract means your a generating close to no CO2-emissions.

Fuel Cell

A heating that generates electricity:
The fuel cell combines the production of heat with the production of electrical energy – the high electrical efficiency leads to significant savings in energy costs.
In-house production provides greater independence from electricity providers and price increases. The fuel cell protects the environment and benefits from several funding options and feed-in tariffs.

Smart Energy

The smartmeter is the foundation of the smart grid of the future and enables real-time capture and communication of energy consumption.

In conjunction with the Smartmeter Gateway, the digital metering system not only simplifies billing, but also creates the foundation for innovative business models.

Green Power & Biogas

Green electricity is electricity from hydroelectric power, wind energy, solar radiation energy, geothermal energy and energy from biomass.

At 2Degrees we not only put importance to the form of energy production, but also where the electricity comes from:

As close as possible to consumption, energy must be generated in terms of quantity and at the same time as it is consumed – without the use of atomic or fossil fuels.


You have questions regarding our products and the calculators?We are happy to answer.

Our Service.

What is important to you? Fast amortization, high self-consumption and independence – preferably everything together!

2Degrees provides you a clear and transparent access to your decentralized energy system.

Wind Area Small Wind Location Analysis.

Automatic location analysis based on geodata.
With Windarea we offer you a future-oriented, innovative and Europe-wide unique wind energy concept. For private or commercial use.

3D geodata in conjunction with measured data allow a pinpoint building and terrain analysis, on the basis of which the optimal location for a wind turbine is calculated. This saves time and unnecessary costs. Calculate the efficiency of the eligible wind turbine by specifying the wind strengths in their environment.

Investment Comparison.

Self-sufficiency, Own-Consumption & Economics.

PV with or without Storage device? All about economics for small wind power, heat pumps & fuel cells – we made it easy for you  to compare & decide!

Our Self-Sufficiency-Calculators give you direct information about economy, self-sufficiency & self-consumption.

In the login area you can compare the financial and energetic key figures of your selection.

Our Partners.

We work independently with established companies providing the most innovative energy products & services.

Green Energy UK


Green Energy UK - Smart Renewable Energy

Wind Area

Wind Area Small Wind Location Analysis

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Braun Windturbinen